The Tool to Thwart Teen Texting Traffic Tickets

We debated making the title “The Terrific Tip-Top Tool to Thwart Teen Texting Traffic Tickets”, but decided that we should just tell our readers about this nifty little device instead of making the title an even longer combination of words that all begin with the letter “T”.

Teen Texting Traffic Tickets.

Everyone knows that teens are not the best drivers. Teens can be quite reckless and often put themselves and others at risk while driving. Teen driving has not improved with cell phone use. This means there are many opportunities for Teen Texting Traffic Tickets. Teen Texting Traffic Tickets are not cheap to pay to the court. But instead of paying if you or someone you know has Teen Texting Traffic Tickets, call The Coquat Law Firm and Traffic Ticket Austin. You can call us at 512-333-2833 about your Teen Texting Traffic Tickets.

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Esurance’s New Teen Texting Traffic Tickets Tool.

The new tool designed to prevent Teen Texting Traffic Tickets plugs directly into the car itself. Once plugged in the tool can prevent certain apps on the phone. Parents can also use the tool to get updates on the teen’s driving speed and location. By limiting the use of the cell phone Esurance hopes to prevent Teen Texting Traffic Tickets. Calling 911 will always work even with the Esurance tool plugged in.

The new tool will help prevent distracted driving. Teens are already bad drivers, but this might help them become better drivers. Currently the tool is only for Esurance users. But there are other apps that can limit a phone’s use by a teen driver while behind the wheel.

Click here for more information on Esurance’s New Teen Texting Traffic Tickets Tool.

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