Ticket Defense

Traffic Ticket Defense

Austin, Texas is the place to be right now with the growth of technological jobs in a bustling college town. This has led to a dramatic increase in the population as the city continues to grow. This also means that there are more and more cars on the road every day in Austin. But more cars means more opportunities for the Austin Police Department to give out traffic tickets and citations. To support the continued growth and social demands of the city Austin is trying to make additional tax revenue from ticketing drivers!

Traffic Tickets We Defend

One area of the city that hasn’t grown however is lawyers who defend drivers that receive traffic tickets and citations. Austin needs lawyers that can represent drivers in Austin and resolve tickets such as speeding tickets, no inspection citations, traffic tickets, reckless driving tickets, no registration citations, no insurance citations, improper lane change tickets, failure to yield tickets, stop sign tickets, following too closely citations. This is just a small number of the types of tickets and citations that The Coquat Law Firm handles. We can help you with your traffic tickets and citations as well as with a suspended drivers license, DMV hearings, occupational license applications, and commercial drivers license (CDL) tickets.

Traffic Ticket Defense Is Our Focus

The Coquat Law Firms has trained traffic ticket lawyers who resolve tickets and citations for drivers across south and central Texas. The State Bar of Texas doesn’t recognize traffic tickets and citations as a specialty, but just because they don’t doesn’t mean you can’t. Our amazing traffic ticket team devotes over 90% of their time and legal expertise to resolving the traffic tickets and citations listed above

Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer

Our Austin Traffic Ticket team wants to defend you from Austin traffic ticket and citation convictions. Our lawyers have the experience and skill to get you the best deal possible through the Austin Municipal Court system. Our team has a low flat fee per citation of $150 with a money back guarantee. If you have an Austin, Texas traffic ticket or citation you don’t have to fight alone. Call our trained Austin Traffic Ticket team today to learn more about how we can help you resolve your tickets and citations. Call 210-745-2000 today!