Process & Fees

Austin Traffic Ticket Defense Process

The Coquat Law Firm believes that people shouldn't have to read the fine print to know what lawyers is charging them. That is why we have done our best to make sure that any client can easily find, read, and understand our process and fees. Remember, you can always call us if you have a question.

When a client hires The Coquat Law Firm, the first thing we do is contact the court by sending them a letter of representation on your behalf. This letter of representation lets the court know that you aren't going to be fighting ticket alone. If your court date is coming up we might also request the court reset the date until we have had time to prepare the best defense possible. A close court date is not a problem.

Once that is complete, our trained traffic ticket team will begin to negotiate and work with the traffic court prosecutor and/or judge to have your ticket reduced as much as possible. We can even get the ticket dismissed altogether sometimes. Our traffic ticket team will also work to make sure that the amount of time you would spend on deferred disposition is reduced.

Once we get an offer from the judge or prosecutor, your attorney will accept the offer on your behalf and let you know what the final outcome was as soon as possible. After that you will still be responsible to paying the reduced fine amount, but the fine is usually reduced from what it was originally. Once you have paid your fine and successfully completed defensive driving(if necessary) and if you do not get another traffic ticket or citation during the period of deferred disposition your ticket will be dismissed without a conviction on your record.

Austin Traffic Ticket Defense Fees

Our flat fee structure for traffic tickets and citations is pretty simple. It is only $150 per citation. There's no fine print or hidden fees that you will be charged.

So in total all you will have to pay is the fine on your ticket, that we will get reduced as much as possible, and the flat fee of $150 per citation to the traffic ticket team. Some prosecutors and jurisdictions will not allow for fines to be reduced for traffic tickets or citations. And unfortunately some prosecutors and jurisdictions will even increase your fine slightly for taking deferred disposition instead of a conviction on your record. If this happens we negotiate the fee as low as possible and guarantee you 100% of your money back.