Drivers License Points

Do you know how many Drivers License Points it takes to lose your license? How many points do you have on your driver’s license?

What you need to know about Drivers License Points.

When it comes to Drivers License Points, driving is a lot like golf. You want as low of a score as possible. For more information about Drivers License Points that everyone should know be sure to check out 10 Things You Need to Know About Driver’s License Points over at Lifehacker.

Texas uses a Drivers License Points system to determine if you are eligible for a driver’s license. Click here for more information on your Texas DPS driving record request information.

Some traffic tickets and traffic citations do not mean that you will get points that will count against you. But you insurance provider probably uses their own Drivers License Points system. The more Drivers License Points you have with your insurance carrier the more you will have to pay for coverage every month. Be sure to find out how many Drivers License Points you have in your home state AND with your insurance company.

Fighting Drivers License Points.

At The Coquat Law Firm we fight to keep Drivers License Points off your license and insurance. Some, but not all, courts allow individuals to take defensive driving to keep Drivers License Points off your record. This also keeps Drivers License Points from making your insurance rates go up.

Our team of trained traffic ticket lawyers hand thousands of traffic ticket citations every single year. You don’t have to fight your traffic tickets or traffic citations alone. And you don’t have to waste your time going to court and trying to take care of your tickets. Hiring a traffic ticket attorney will save you time and money by reducing your ticket as much as possible, keeping it off your insurance, and maybe even getting the ticket dismissed. Call The Coquat Law Firm and Traffic Ticket Austin today at 512-333-2833.