Dismiss Austin Speeding Tickets

Are there errors on your speeding ticket or citation? Call The Coquat Law Firm today and ask us how we Dismiss Austin Speeding Tickets.

Dismiss Austin Speeding Tickets.

Sometimes there are errors in a speeding ticket or traffic citation that will lead the court to Dismiss Austin Speeding Tickets. That is why you need an Austin, Texas traffic ticket lawyer. We know what errors to look for to Dismiss Austin Speeding Tickets. Not all errors on a ticket or citation mean that the court will Dismiss Austin Speeding Tickets.

What Errors can lead a court to Dismiss Austin Speeding Tickets?

Tickets with a material error can lead a court to Dismiss Austin Speeding Tickets. Material errors are mistakes or omissions of information that is vital to charging you for the alleged offense. In a recent article a North Carolina Police Chief was embarrassed that “his officers wrote hundreds of bad speeding tickets”. Click here for the full article.  Some errors that can lead a court to Dismiss Austin Speeding Tickets include: radar guns that are not properly calibrated or that radar guns whose certification is out of date.

Hire a Traffic Citation Lawyer to Dismiss Austin Speeding Tickets.

No one wants to waste their time and money going to court to fight a traffic ticket by yourself. By hiring a trained traffic ticket lawyer from The Coquat Law Firm you can save yourself time and money. We will go to court and fight your ticket for you. We also guarantee that the ticket will not go on your driving record or your money back. Unfortunately we can not always get a court to Dismiss Austin Speeding Tickets. But we do work to get you a reduced fine and still provide our money back guarantee for keeping it off your insurance record.