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Experienced Austin Traffic Ticket Lawyers Keep It Off Your Record or Your Money Back
ONLY – $150*

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*Legal fees are $150 per citation and paid up front. Court assessed costs and fines may be extra.

Speeding Traffic Ticket | Cell Phone Traffic Ticket | School Zone Traffic Ticket

Invalid License Traffic Ticket | Expired Registration Traffic Ticket


Ticket Defense

Austin, Texas is known for heavy traffic, blind curves and quick speed limit changes making receiving a traffic ticket almost a guarantee for residents and students alike. Whether you receive a ticket citation from DPS near the capital, Austin police department on 6th street or the Travis County sheriff way up north, you need an experienced traffic ticket attorney to keep that ticket off your record. The Coquat Law Firm can help you with any Austin ticket violation you receive.

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Process and Fees

Hiring a lawyer can be confusing and even a little scary. The process of resolving an Austin traffic ticket is probably new to you, and lawyers are known for being notoriously expensive. That’s why our ticket lawyers work hard to communicate our ticket resolution process clearly, and our fees are always quoted up front and fixed, with a money back guarantee. That way you, the client, know exactly what to expect and what the lawyer’s fee will be. Click to read about the traffic ticket defense process in detail.

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Your Legal Team

The Coquat Law Firm employs top quality traffic ticket lawyers and a legal team that limits its practice to resolving nothing but traffic citations and related misdemeanors in Texas. Ticket defense isn’t our side-show or a supplement to other criminal matters. Traffic ticket defense is what we do! Our team resolves thousands of traffic ticket citations a year. While we do not know what the outcome of your ticket will be and we cannot guarantee a specific outcome, we can guarantee you will receive top quality legal services from an experienced and disciplined legal team.

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“You wouldn’t hire a foot doctor to operate on your heart!”

Let A Traffic Ticket Lawyer Fight Your Ticket For You




“I live in Austin and work in San Antonio.  I do a lot of driving and have absolutely no time to deal with fighting a traffic ticket.  As a professional, I couldn't have the ticket go on my record.  I knew The Coquat Law Firm resolves tickets in both cities, so the decision to hire them was easy.  Their staff kept me informed of the process, kept the ticket off my record and kept money in my wallet.”–--J. Thomas, actual Austin Texas Client